Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Trains and a Near Hanging

Union Pacific runs an excursion train between Denver and Cheyenne. The yellow cars parked here in front of the beautiful Cheyenne train station are part of that train.

But the big attraction is what pulls the cars. The 844 is a steam locomotive owned by Union Pacific Railroad. It was the last steam locomotive delivered (in 1944) to Union Pacific and is unique in that it is the only UP steam locomotive never retired

The 844 comes out of the shop and reattaches to the cars.

I am not the only train nut here. I saw the 844 the last time I was in Cheyenne, but wasn't able to get this close to it.

All aboard!

Before the train left, I put a penny on the track. It worked! That's one really squished penny.

After the train left, there was a gunfight scheduled to go down nearby. Cool! The bad guys robbed the bank and the good guys went after them.

But then the bad guys got distracted and decided to hang the worst-dressed guy in the crowd. Now I don't think Phil dresses badly, but apparantly a t-shirt, shorts, non-cowboy hat and Crocs are not acceptable in Cheyenne. (especially the Crocs!)

So they decided he had to swing. Oh no!!!!

Fortunately, the sheriff intervened and made them make Phil more acceptable by giving him a cowboy hat if he promised to spend a lot of money in town. All's well that ends well...


  1. Hey Diane... Wow what a great place to visit... We'll have to go there someday soon... I loved this post... Thanks


  2. Oh thank goodness they didn't hang Phil. Croc's and a cowboy hat. Now that IS a combination.

  3. So Phil got a free hat?!? How cool!


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