Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Land Between the Lakes

There's an interesting strip of land in Kentucky and Tennessee between 2 dammed up rivers that is called "The Land Between the Lakes."

I envisioned beautiful vistas of lakes on either side of the road, but in truth there are too many trees to see any water, except at the ends of numerous side roads, some of which held campgrounds. You can sort of see the water through the trees here.

I met up with my sister Barbara there. We're both fulltime RVers, but usually have different itineraries. I should have gotten a picture of the reunion, but I didn't.

This is the view down by the water in the campground. We later took a couple of the other side roads and found out that you can camp at many of them with a primitive camping permit, much less expensive than the campground.

More than 200 years ago, vast herds of bison and elk roamed the area. They've now been reintroduced here. They're a little reclusive during the day, but I crawled through some tall tick-infested grass to get these shots.

Aren't the babies just adorable?

Found a cute red-headed woodpecker too!


  1. You crawled, crawled through tick infested grass. You are brave girl. Love that woodpecker too.

  2. That's really an amazing shot of the woodpecker that was 100 yards away!

  3. We spend a lot of time on Kentucky Lake. Its a beautiful area and theres lots to do there.


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