Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Grand Ole Opry

You just can't go to Nashville without going to see the Grand Ole Opry. It's actually a radio show with a live audience - the longest running live radio show in the world, begun in 1925!

In 1943, the Opry moved to the Ryman Auditorium, shown here.

Inside the Ryman is this statue of Roy Acuff, the King of Country Music, and Minnie Pearl, the Queen of Country Comedy. They performed at the Ryman from 1943 to 1974.

The Opry moved to a new location, the Grand Ole Opry House, in 1974. Here we are, and guess what! Minnie Pearl has reappeared!

Here I've done a little slide show of all the artists who performed this night, but of course I got a few illegal videos too.

Collin Raye has had many big hits, but tonight he sang his very first big hit, "Love, Me."

"I read a note my grandma wrote back in 1923
Grandpa kept it in his coat and he showed it once to me
He said, "Boy you might not understand, but a long long time ago
Grandma's daddy didn't like me none, but I loved your grandma so."

Charley Pride singing "Kiss an Angel Good Morning."

Emerson Pride had a big hit 2 years ago with this one called "Memories." It's a haunting beautiful story.

I was coming to the end of a long long walk
When a man crawled out of a cardboard box
Under the E. Street Bridge
Followed me on to it
I went out halfway across
With that homeless shadow tagging along
So I dug for some change
Wouldn't need it anyway
He took it lookin' just a bit ashamed
He said, You know, I haven't always been this way

I've had my moments, days in the sun
Moments I was second to none
Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn't do
Like that plane ride coming home from the war
That summer my son was born
And memories like a coat so warm
A cold wind can't get through
Lookin' at me now you might not know it
But I've had my moments


  1. Nice photos - you must have had good seats.

  2. Another great post. A country music tour bonanza. thanks

  3. Colin Raye - my very favorite! I saw him once and he opened with Love Me. I think he must be the only singer to open with a ballad.


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