Sunday, February 1, 2009

Going to Town

I made many trips to town while at Quartzsite, always passing this police car. The poor cop, stuck there for so long. Maybe he's thirsty! I decided to stop and see if he needed anything.

I knocked on the door, but he didn't answer. Hmmmmmm..... He's kind of cute though, dressed in his Quartzsite police force uniform.

I really thought when I stopped that I would find a cap stuck on a headrest. But this dummy was amazingly detailed, even with eyelashes!

No visit to Quartzsite would be complete without a hike up Q Mountain. It's really easy to find -- it's the one with the big "Q" on it! Here I'm almost to the top.

Yay! I made it!

You can see the whole town from here, including the big tent. Most of the vendors are gone now though.

My least favorite part -- coming down!

From the top we saw some old mining equipment, so we decided to go investigate.

The desert is really green this year from all the rain we had in December.

Who said there's no free lunch?? There is in Quartzsite! Every day, La Mesa RV serves a free lunch to anyone. Of course, you are so appreciative that you run right out to their show lot and buy a new RV.

Their building used to be the home of The Silver Buckle, the best dancing place in Quartzsite. They still have some remembrances hanging from the ceiling, including these well-used boots.

I didn't get a chance to go to the Oasis Bookstore this year, but it's a really interesting story. To read about last year's trip, click here.


  1. That cop was pretty cute. I'm glad you stopped to say hello.

  2. We saw the car but never knew there was a dummy inside it. Did notice on leaving that the car needed washed.

  3. Wow, those boots did some serious two-stepping!

  4. After passing that cop car two or three times I realize something fishy. I'm surprised you got such a good picture of the "cop" through the dark tinted windows.

    Also, great pictures of the WIN activities. You should be the official WIN photojournalist!!


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