Monday, February 23, 2009

Kicks on Route 66

It's time for the WIN Dance Rally! This year the theme is Route 66. A cast of about 25 WINs put on a skit celebrating the highlights of the "Mother Road," from Chicago to Santa Monica.

Andrew welcomed us at the door.

Then the cast lined up along the wall, each waiting to do their own little skit as they took us down Route 66. Here's the Illinois contingent: Abe Lincoln, the Blues Brothers, and Al Capone.

The Blues Brothers started us out in Chicago. (Boy, that Jake is really hot!)

Barb and Bob entertained us with a great jitterbug.

I'm really not sure how Scarlett O'Hara ended up on Route 66. Maybe she was fleeing the fire in Atlanta.

Route 66 goes through Kansas for only 13 miles, but it was long enough for us to run into Dorothy.

We met lots of other characters along the way. At the end of the show, the cast relaxed on the Santa Monica beach.

After the skit, we had a dance, and I got to dance quite a bit with Jake.


  1. Those skits are Hoot!! Jake is so sexy and girlfriend you look hot in red.

  2. What fun!! Love that Phil just jumps right in there.


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