Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shopping in Quartzsite

With about a thousand vendors hawking their wares at this time of year, Quartzsite is a shopper's paradise.

A lot of the vendors lean towards gems and minerals, ranging from these raw rocks --

To these beautiful jade creations --

And everything in between.

But there's enough non-gem-related vendors to keep me amused. New this year -- a hat made out of honeycomb paper from aircraft wings. Guaranteed to stay on your head even in high winds!

The highlight of the shopping is at the BIG tent, the RV show.

Not for the claustrophobic, it contains all the newest gadgets for us RVers.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store. This dog was just laying on the horn. I can imagine his owner in the store wondering who the rude hornblower was!


  1. It must be difficult to only shop for what you really need. I can imagine what trouble you could get into if you suffered from weak willpower. Your motor home/camper wouldn't be able to budge from the spot. I am a saver and collector and can't imagine life on the road. Although I must admit that I sometimes wish that I would have had the chance to try it for a year.


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