Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Farewell to Quartzsite

I've been in Quartzsite for almost 3 weeks now, and it's time to move on. But first, there was more fun to be had. The WINs had an All-Singles Ice Cream Social. Would have been better without the light drizzle, but we all had a good time anyway, and met some new friends.

Our pet parade was really cute. Molly declined to participate, citing age as the reason, but there were some cute dogs there. Chantilly won the prize for the cutest.

One day the WINs went to the Desert Bar, way out in the middle of nowhere outside of Parker, at the site of an old mining camp. With no electricity, they rely on solar power.

The only food they serve are plain hamburgers. If you want anything on the hamburger, you have to bring it yourself.

They had a live band, and the tiny dance floor was really crowded with all the WINs there.

There's a cute little church there that was completed in 1996. No services are held there, but a lot of weddings are. Oh, maybe I shouldn't be standing there....

The strange thing about the church is that it has only one wall!

Back home at our base camp, James showed off the kayak he built that will be used in the grand finale -- the Burning Kayak ceremony.

Later that evening, we had a ritual dance in which we pretended to be kayaks trying to maneuver through human logs and trees.

Finally James said a tearful goodbye to the WIN goddess.

And our first annual Burning Kayak is history. Then there was more dancing around the campfire. These WINs will just do anything.

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  1. Neat church! Interesting!

    The WINS do so many unique things and are enjoying life on the road! I envy your freedom to roam.


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