Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back to Yuma

After Quartzsite, I went back to Yuma so Phil could make one more trip to the dentist in Algodones. Once again I stayed at the BLM land behind the VFW. A lot of WINs were staying at Yuma Lakes, but this is much more convenient.

This time, in addition to the crop dusters and the trains, I had some additional entertainment -- paragliders!

In the last couple years, the line for going through customs to get back into the US has been getting longer. It's at least an hour now. Some people now drive over so they don't have to stand in the long line, but it takes just as long for the cars to go through. We had fun watching this dog sniff for drugs. His handler told us that they only work the dogs for one-half hour at a time.

Near Algodones on the US side of the border is this huge pet cemetery. It's even bigger than the one at the Slabs.

There is a beautiful poem at the entrance.

And hundreds of individual graves.

Some caring souls even buried a couple of strays here.

It's obvious that people come back to take care of the graves of their pets.

Once again, I found the grave of a pet that I knew. P.B. was a wonderful dog that I met 4 years ago with his mom, my friend Linda.

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  1. What a sweet poem, and I never knew about the pet cemetary. But I did know cute little P.B.


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