Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is Winter Over???

Yay!!!! After the bad weather I had in San Diego, it's finally payback time. Yuma is the sunniest city in the US, but even so, this is great weather for January. Time to go a little north to Quartzsite.

But first, I made one last trip to Mexico. Waiting to get back in the US, I was in line right next to Doc and Marty.

While dumping at Senator Wash, I met a wild borro. He came to drink out of the leaky faucet.

In Quartzsite, I stayed first at MM99, south of town.

It is very close to Red's Place, the "Desert Opry," that offers free jam session shows Monday and Thursday afternoons. Ten musicians take turns singing, and they're all very good.

It was also close to Crystal Hill, where rock hounds go to find crystals.

There were lots of quartz lying around.

But this is what the hill is famous for. This one is about as long as my fingernail, and is lying on a mirror.


  1. Winter's not over in most of the rest of the country - we're fixing to get clipped here in Arkansas by an Alberta Clipper cold front.

    I like Alberta during the warm months, but I just as soon this cold stuff stayed up there!

    I'm envying your warm temperatures.

    Haw Creek Out 'n About

  2. Hi cousin,
    I love reading your Blog but right now it is 14 degrees at our house and I could live without your weather report. I posted on our Blog two days in a row and was planning to post on Saturday with a photo of our snow but the snow didn't arrive and I don't know how to get a picture of plain old COLD.
    Love 'ya anyway.

  3. This is my kind of weather!! I actually put on shorts yesterday here in Sun City, AZ while readying my trailer to meet you in Quartzsite. See ya soon!!

  4. That DeLorean with the Tymecar plate is just too cool! I loved Back to the Future!

  5. Hi were these pictures taken with your Sx 110 is ? Thanks

  6. Hi Dave,

    The picture of my rig and the one of the crystal were taken with the SX110is. The others were taken with my little Canon, the SD1000, that I carry in my pocket all the time.

  7. Diane, Where are you parked in Q? We are in first BLM lot south of Rice Ranchon east side f 95, in a circle of GMC coaches. Came down from Bouse Wednesday. I met a friend of your's there, Barb B. living in a Winnibego, traveling with Mark.
    Anyway, 84 degrees in Q yesterday was a bit warm. 76 today was perfect.

  8. Naughty, naughty, Diana. Its -5DegF in Penn's Woods right now. Marco is coupled up and tomorrow morning Scape is gonna haul Katz and I and the Rig to Florida. Next week its time for Cordelia (well, and Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa) to see The Mouse again.



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