Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goodbye to the Dance Rally

The dance rally is over, but I wanted to show what we did in addition to the theme dances. We were all divided up into 5 teams, and each team took turns making breakfast, providing snacks and entertainment for the social hour, and cleaning up.

Each morning there was a hot breakfast for all 160 participants. It's quite a job, and Phil was in charge of getting all the food, doing the menus, and sometimes supervising the cooking.

There were dance lessons during the day by Betty and Troy - beginning in the morning and intermediate in the afternoon.

There was also time during the day to sightsee. I never did get to see the wildflowers in the Hill Country, but saw some locally. Also found a great piece of "rusty stuff" on sale for $1500. Wow! I like rusty stuff alot, but not that much.

Each afternoon we had a social hour under a gigantic live oak tree.

And each team provided snacks on its work days.

Ronnie played for us in the rally hall 5 of the evenings.

One day we had a Tacky Fashion Show, entitled "What Was I Thinking??" This is just some of the participants.

On Wednesday evening, we went back to the 11th Street Cowboy Bar in town for the "Burn Your Own."

And shared a table with Rellene, Tom, Nancy and Donna.

You can buy a plate of sides to go with your steak. Too bad I didn't think of taking a picture before I ate half of it!

The Lone Star Pickerz performed, and invited the women in our group to be their backup, and named them "The Irritations."

There were a few on the dance floor not with our group. Isn't this little guy just precious? A future lady killer in the works.


Dixxe's Doodles said...

Well Its great you guys are keeping dance alive and well in the USA!! What fun--safe travels.

Lynn said...

My dad would love that tractor, and oh my gosh the food looks delicious to me, Im craving me a steak now lol Thats quite a job to be in charge of that many people to make the food arrangements I dont think my nerves could handle that, looks like your having a ball and Im glad you take care!!

Barbara and Ron said...

I'm sure everybody appreciated all Phil's hard work. Do you know how many attendees were at the rally?

Linda and Terry said...

Tacky! I vote for the lady in the blue dress. I think the tights and hiking shoes gave her the edge.