Tuesday, October 26, 2021

I Found a Cowboy!

I next moved to Tuttle Creek Campground just outside of Lone Pine, CA. What a gorgeous view of the Sierras!
The first thing I did was hike the Arches Loop. The big attraction is Mobius Arch -
Where you can sometimes get a view of Mt. Whitney, although it was a little smokey the day I went.
There are a few other arches on the loop - here -
And here.
I was in Lone Pine while the annual Film Festival was going on. They used to put placards all over the Alabama Hills, showing spots where various movies were filmed. This year they only put out a few. Here's John Wayne in 1934 -
And the same spot today.
Downtown, it looks like they were getting ready for Halloween.
On Sunday, they had the Film Festival Parade. There were lots of cowboys in it, and Zorro!
Even the Preschoolers were in the parade.
Across from us were a suspicious group of cowboys.
And sure enough, a big gun fight erupted between them and the cowboys in the parade. Look out!
But here's the best part - after the parade I got to meet one of the cowboys! Actually, this one is an actor. He plays Willy in the current movie "Catch the Bullet." Did I mention I like cowboys? He and his horse also do stunts in movies. The horse is extremely well trained, and will fall down when told to. Then as they were leaving, he told the horse "Turn left," and he did!


  1. That looks like an amazing trip and that cowboy looks like he’s pretty amazing too.😊


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