Monday, October 4, 2021

I Can Never Go to Too Many Hot Springs

I was so happy to see that the Summer Lake, Oregon Hot Springs was right along my route south. There's plenty of space for dry camping, and they have some hookups. And if you pay to stay here, you can use the hot springs for free.
The Bath House is in a very unique building.
The pool inside was just the right temperature for me.
There were some small pools outside, but they were hotter than I like.
And if that isn't enough, there was some great rusty stuff on the property!
After a few days at the hot springs, I headed south to Carson City, staying at the Minden/Tahoe airport. I think the Nevada Capitol building is one of the prettiest I have seen.
And there are lots of beautiful old buildings all around town. You can get a brochure for a tour of them. I'm now headed down Highway 395, one of my very favorite routes. More hot springs to come!


  1. Hot springs are hard for me to appreciate when its 97 degrees outside. But that definitely is a unique looking building. I wanted to go to the capital building but couldn't find any parking close enuf for Jim.

  2. Gota love that rusty stuff!

    I always try to coax it into telling me the stories it has to tell.

  3. Rusty stuff and hot springs, a double header. What is you favorite hot spring temp. Mine is 104.

    1. My favorite is around 99. The outside hot springs here were 104 and too hot for me, but you would have loved them.


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