Tuesday, September 28, 2021

There's Lots of Lava in Bend

One day, I went to check out the Deschutes River west of town. The river is surrounded by lava on both sides.
I walked by a cave that I'm sure someone lived in a long time ago.
The boaters had better take out before Dillon Falls -
The steam rising from the falls is just beautiful.
Looking downstream, at the massive amounts of lava.
Walking farther downstream, I came upon a nice lake.
On another day, I went out to Lava Lands, where there is a beautiful walk through the lava.
The dead tree sticking out of the lava looked like a dragon's head.
After that little walk, I walked up to Benham Falls on the Deschutes. Like I said before, Bend is one of my very favorite places. So much diversity!


  1. Bend is my favorite also. Looks like great paddling

  2. I love seeing the rushing water. Especially among all the lava.


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