Saturday, June 1, 2019

More Great Stuff in Southern Utah

Every year when we go to this area, we have to go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. This year, they have some new tours. I went on the Wild Friends tour. This guy is a rare cross-breed that was found injured in a parking lot.

I also went on the Parrot Garden tour. They have lots of VERY LOUD parrots!

This is Lollipop, an Umbrella Cockatoo. Very friendly and entertaining.

A lot of the parrots have to wear these necklaces so that they don't pull out their feathers.

On another day, we went back to Best Friends for the Parelli Horsemanship Demo. It was great!

We also went on a tour of the Heritage House, built in 1894, in Kanab.

Our tour guide was excellent, telling us lots of interesting facts.

Within walking distance of where we were parked is a hike through a tunnel, known as Dragon's Belly. The tunnel was made for the water from a stream to go under the road.

Lots of graffiti on the walls!

At the other end of the tunnel is a nice waterfall - hence the need for the tunnel.

Back at our parking space in Mt Carmel Junction, we got to meet a guy from Mexico who has a beautifully painted rig. He lives in San Miguel, where I was in February. I really liked the painting of the Parroquia church with balloons flying overhead, since I did a balloon ride when I was there.

The trailer he towed was also amazingly painted.

And last, but not least, this bluebird visited my rig a few times.


  1. We went to Best Friends when we were in Kanab several years ago. There is some interesting scenery in there too.

  2. When we spent a week at Best Friends I volunteered in the Parrot Garden one morning. It was fun but deafening!

  3. Those are tours we haven't done at Best Friends. Love that camper.


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