Monday, June 10, 2019

Biggest Art Gallery in the World?

We next moved to Rabbit Gulch Campground near Duchesne, Utah. It was a short stop, but the big thing we did was a drive to Nine Mile Canyon, which claims to be the largest art gallery in the world. Nine mile long! (hence the name)

There are lots and lots of walls of petroglyphs and pictographs from about a thousand years ago. The most famous one is this - The Great Hunt, from the Fremont Period, 950-1200 A.D. It appears to be a hunting event with herds of Bighorn Sheep during fall mating season.

There are also some pictographs. This one appears to be a red buffalo and a green elk or deer.

Some petroglyphs, like this one, may be Ute in origin.

This was my favorite, although it is faded and hard to see.

On the way to Duchesne, I stayed overnight in the Price, UT Walmart, right next to these petroglyphs. Who knew?!?


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