Monday, May 20, 2019

Lower Antelope Canyon - My Very Favorite!

Of all the slot canyons in the Page, AZ area, my very favorite is Lower Antelope Canyon. There are 2 tour companies that offer tours, and this time we went with Dixie's. We were treated to a hoop dance before our tour.

And then walked a short distance to the long staircase taking you down to the bottom of the canyon.

Right away, the views are incredible.

We have to climb a few stairs as the canyon rises. This is the largest one.

Before the staircase was built, you had to go up and down these Moki steps. No thanks!


My photo to prove I was there.

Some places got VERY narrow!

You had to remember to look up sometimes to see the best views.

The most famous formation in the canyon is this one of a lady with her hair blowing out behind her.

We also saw the buffalo, which needs some imagination.

After climbing up some more ladders, we got close to the surface -

And popped up out of the crack!

Our guide was wonderful, and showed us where to take the best pictures. Highly recommended!


  1. What a beautiful place, thanks for sharing. Hope to get there!

  2. Gorgeous! And I love hoop dancing. We saw a competition once.

  3. What time of day was your tour of Lower Antelope slot canyon? Thanks.

  4. Those Moki steps are very cool, but wow, what a tough climb that would be. Beautiful photos!


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