Saturday, May 18, 2019

A New Tour in Page - Waterholes Canyon

Two years ago when I was in Page, AZ, I hiked a little bit of Waterholes Canyon, but the ladders were not in the best shape and I had to turn around early.

This year, the canyon is accessible only by going on a tour. We were taken in a van back to the beginning of the hike. It is a 2-mile 1-way trek down 2 canyons.

The ladders have all been updated.

After going through the first canyon, there is a walk through the sand to the 2nd canyon.

The canyon walls gradually rise.

We walked by some beautiful rock formations and yucca flowers.

The canyon got narrower -

And narrower! Hold your breath!


After awhile, it began to open up again -

And we arrived back at our cars, after climbing up this long staircase.


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