Monday, January 28, 2019

Lots of Four Wheeling around Quartzsite

One day a large group of WINs went out into the desert where Patton trained his troops in World War II.

We were looking for remnants from the training ground - aka RUSTY STUFF! We wandered all over the area - and voila!

We all found some bullets, clips and casings!

I got 2 bullets (one in perfect condition), a clip, and some interesting rocks. Seems like a bad idea for an RVer to collect rocks, but I do it anyway...

On another day, we went into the desert to see this cute little arch.

Several people climbed to the top, but I was too chicken. I could probably have gotten up, but getting back down would have been a challenge...

Then on my last day there, about 12 4-wheelers went on a very long drive through the desert to see the White Tanks.

The scenery was gorgeous the whole way.

We finally got there, and it involved a bit of rock scrambling to see the tanks.

But we made it!

This is where wild animals come to get a drink. We were hoping to see some Bighorn Sheep, but no such luck.

After we were done scrambling, we sat around and had a nice lunch. Don even brought some grills!

Where am I off to next? Well, this fortune cookie that I got was right on the money!

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