Monday, August 13, 2018

More Mount Hood Fun!

While in the Mt. Hood area, we stayed at a Snow Park in Government Camp. It was conveniently located, free, and we even got a glimpse of Mt. Hood!

One day, we went on a short hike to Little Zigzag Falls. The trail went through the woods, past some teaser waterfalls.

At the parking area was this old bridge.

We made it!

Right across the street from where we are parked is the road to Trillium Lake.

One day, Elaine, Judy and I walked around the lake. The trail is really bad and closed in one place, but we disobeyed the "Closed" signs and carried on...

It was a weekend day, and the lake is very popular!

But after the weekend, the WINs went back to kayak.

It was a lot calmer and just beautiful!

On another day, Dana and I went back up to Mt. Hood to actually hike a little of the Pacific Crest trail.

And I went back another time to take the chair lift up the Magic Mile chair lift.

I can't believe they are skiing here in the middle of the summer!

They came down right past me.

On the way back down, seeing Timberline Lodge from above.

By the way, my blog has been featured on the website "Hitch Up and Go." Check it our here!

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