Tuesday, August 21, 2018

First Boring Post

Every year that the WINs go to the Pacific Northwest, we spend time in Boring, Oregon, parked on the property of one of our members. It's certainly one of my favorite spots!

Our first outing was to The End of the Trail museum in Oregon City. It was the end of the Oregon Trail, not the Lewis and Clark Trail, hence the huge "wagons."

Afterwards, we went over to the Willamette River to see Willamette Falls. The view from the tower is a little far away -

So we walked across the bridge to get a better look.

From there, we could also see the locks that boats use to get over the falls.

Some nesting osprey nearby posed nicely for us.

On another day, we went out to see Multnomah Falls. Because of last year's fire, a lot of the Columbia River Gorge is closed. But fortunately, this beauty is still open.

We walked up to the very crowded bridge. I wonder what the weight limit is...

From here, you get a closer look at the upper falls -

And can lean over the bridge to look down on the lower falls.

After the falls, we went out to see Bonneville Lock and Dam.

The best part was viewing the inside of the fish ladder. In addition to fish, there were lots of lamprey eels sucking on the glass. Eeewwwww...

We then went over to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, were we saw a really cool white sturgeon. He was gigantic!

One day, I got kind of lost, and ended up in Estacada. There are some really neat murals there, so it was definitely worth the detour.

It got really hot (over 100) for several days while we were in Boring. Since I don't have a generator, I moved to Barton Park campground so I could run my a/c. This park is mostly used as a takeoff point for a float down the Clackamus River. I didn't do it, but it is obviously very popular!

More Boring stuff to come!


  1. Sure doesn't sound like you were Bored in Boring.
    Nice Scenery!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You got me with that subject line. I should have known there was a catch...you are NEVER boring!

  3. Enjoyed the great photos as I lived in the Portland area
    for many years.


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