Thursday, August 23, 2018

Another Boring Post

While at Boring, Oregon, I went on a couple of excursions by myself. I went back to the Columbia River Gorge to see the few other things on the portion of the highway that is open. (Most of it is still closed because of last year's fire.)

My first stop was Vista House. One hundred years old, it was built as a clifftop rest stop, observatory and memorial to Oregon pioneers.

The inside of the octagonal stone structure, which is 700 feet above the Columbia River.

There is a nice view of the river, with Beacon Rock (named by Lewis and Clark) in the background.

Two other waterfalls are viewable down the road. Bridal Veil Falls -

And Latourell Falls.

This is my favorite because of the volcanic columns behind it. Just amazing!

Every time I come to the Portland area, I go to visit my grandparents' grave in the Riverview Mausoleum. It's a gorgeous facility.

But this time, I'm here with Holly Nelson, my 3rd cousin whom I connected with through Ancestry DNA. (My grandmother's maiden name was Nelson.)

Each wing of the mausoleum is done in a different color of marble, and most have stained glass windows at the side.

Holly also took me to see her great-grandparents' graves - Charles and Anna Nelson. Charles was my great-grandfather's brother. But I don't know his name. He died while working the wheat fields in Eastern Washington.

But, I know my great-grandmother's name was Marie Nelson, and that she is buried in Riverview Cemetery, adjacent to the mausoleum. So we went there to find it. They were very helpful, gave us a map, and even had someone take us out to locate the grave.

But WHOOPS, there is no headstone! My father verified that my grandmother told him that there was no headstone. So, I may end up getting one.

Getting to know Holly, and adventuring around Portland was lots of fun. A great day!


  1. Nice pictures of the Vista house and the falls. When were there last summer, it rained heavily and the house was completely encased in fog:(

  2. Very cool pictures and nice story about finding your great grandmother’s grave.

  3. Amazing pictures and very soothing capturing moments of nature and waterfall. I found with some blog that air quality is very bad in oregon. is there any effect was there?


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