Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I See Mt Hood - I Must Be Close to the Pacific Ocean!

Yes, we are nearing the end of our Lewis and Clark journey. On the way to our stop at Government Camp, near Mt Hood, I stopped off at Stonehenge.

I thought Stonehenge was in England, but this copy-cat was pretty cool.

But I had seen the original almost 30 years ago, so I wasn't fooled...

There was a nice view of the Columbia River, where Lewis and Clark traveled when they were approaching the Pacific.

Can you imagine their thoughts when they got to this view?

Our first outing was to Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood, where we had a great tour.

It's a beautiful lodge!

This mosaic is my favorite part of the lodge.

President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the lodge on this balcony back in 1937.

From here we have a view of Mt. Jefferson to the south, with the Three Sisters on the left.

Out in back of the lodge, we posed with our tour leader, with Mt Hood in the background.

Zooming in -

You can kind of see the paths the climbers take to the top. But the snow is too soft now for climbing.

We walked up to where the Pacific Crest trail is, so I could say I walked it....

And got a view of the back of the lodge.


  1. SO lovely there!! I remember my camping experience on Mt Hood at Trillium Lake! I never went to the lodge, so fun to see what I missed!

  2. thanks for Sharing Diana, my Father came to Idaho and the Clearwater River with the CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS IN 1933. His fellow CCC BOYS built the Mt.
    Hood Lodge. I hope to see you WIN...NERS in Astoria next week.

  3. The Columbia River, in my opinion, is the most exciting rivers in the country. I’ve driven it many times—take the old road if you can. Are you staying at Ft. Stevens at the head? Must see Astoria Tower if you are into Lewis and Clark


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