Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I Love San Carlos!

After arriving in San Carlos late last night, we had another whole day and another night here. We started off with breakfast at the "hotel with a view"-

Then went on a boat tour on the Sea of Cortez, leaving the mansions of San Carlos behind.

Our first stop was to admire the Indian guarding the harbor. He has a lighthouse on his head, and looks like he's blowing smoke out his mouth.

We saw lots of wildlife, starting with several Great Blue Herons nesting.

There were lots of pelicans -

And cormorants.

But wow! We lucked out and saw some Blue-Footed Boobies!!!

And a rare American Oystercatcher! I had seen both in the Galapagos a year-and-a-half ago, but this was a real treat!

We also saw quite a few Bottlenose Dolphins.

After the boat tour, the bus took us over to a pearl farm, where we had a lecture on how they raise pearls. These are not white or black pearls, but unique iridescent colors.

Back at the hotel, we were treated by a deer dancer. These are really common before Easter.

I though this was funny for some reason...

We also went on the bus over to a cactus garden, which unfortunately is now private and you can't get in.

And we went to the top of Mirador Hill, where we got a view of the other side of the mountain Tetakawi.

Much more to come!


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