Friday, June 23, 2017

I'm Back in the US, but Where Did I Go?

I've been on a trip with my daughter, Corrie, and her family in Europe. I changed planes in Paris, and continued on to Copenhagen, Denmark. This view was coming into Paris.

Copenhagen is the first stop of our 3-part trip. We arrived mid-afternoon. Our hotel was near Tivoli Gardens, so that was where we went for dinner and evening entertainment.

Flowers are blooming everywhere!

Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 and is the 2nd oldest operating amusement park in the world!

I loved the unusual animals on the carousel.

But the kids wanted more exciting rides. On this one they pull themselves up and then drop.

And this was their favorite - a ride to the top and a fast drop down.

Do they look happy or what?

There's an old pirate ship in the park from around the year 1900.

I loved the figurehead on the bow.

The end for now! Lots more to come!

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  1. Two of those are Big Awesome family trip!


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