Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sedona, Part 2

Sedona and the surrounding National Forest have a ton of excellent hiking trails. One day, I took off on the Soldier Pass trail, which I tried to do last year, but it was closed.

Just a short distance from the trailhead is a huge sinkhole.

I was looking for the Seven Sacred Pools, and I found them!

Almost every morning, hot air balloons landed right near us.

This one was huge, with 15-20 passengers!

They managed to get it down without landing on Don and Donna's rig.

We're parked near a model airplane field, so one day we went over to watch. We had a long talk with the club president, shown here.

This was the biggest plane, which would go up and then dive down, spinning as it did. It was quite entertaining.



  1. You are camped in the same area we camped. I loved watching the balloons every morning while I drank my coffee 😊

  2. Boy that one balloon looks like it was right on your friend's fifth wheel. I bet it was pretty though!!


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