Monday, April 24, 2017

More Sedona

A good place to see the whole town is from the airport. They've started to charge to park there, but it's not too bad...

Barbara and I went early to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. While waiting for it to open, we got a view of Cathedral Rock and a gigantic mansion. WOW!

Also got to see Bell Rock in the distance.

The Chapel was built in the 1950s -

Amongst the red rocks of Sedona.

I like to look at the Stations of the Cross in different Catholic churches, and these were definitely some of the strangest I have ever seen. They were made out of old railroad spikes.

Afterwards, we visited the upscale artsy shopping area of Tlaquepaque. No, I didn't buy anything...

But I did get cozy with Albert Einstein.

There were some beautiful bronze statues there.

And lots of flowers.

Afterwards, we drove up Schnebly Hill Road, where 8-10 Javelena crossed the road in front of us. WOW!


  1. That was such a fabulous morning! Love your pictures. One of these days, I'll do a post with MY photos - Geez, I'm so behind! I really enjoyed the chapel and Tlaquepaque and especially the Javalina. They were a real treat, and totally unexpected! :)

  2. So pretty the bronzes

  3. Now that is one huge mansion!! Four car garage!!
    Love those views....fabulous!!
    Haha! How neat to have a javelena of cross the street in front of you!!


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