Monday, April 17, 2017

Moving On to Sedona

Escaping the cold weather in Payson, I moved on to Sedona. The weather here was perfect. We had a brief storm the first day I was here, but it produced a beautiful rainbow.

I'm parked here with my friend, Barbara, of "Me, My Dog, ...and My RV" fame. And let's not forget cute little Katie!

Barbara had never seen the Amitabha Stupa in Sedona, so off we went. I could tell we were close by all the prayer flags.

A Stupa is "the physical embodiment of the Buddha's enlightened mind."

You are to walk around the Stupa at least 3 times while making personal wishes and prayers for the welfare of suffering beings and world situations. You can see a well-worn path there.

I did it and made my best wishes.

There is a beautiful statue of Buddha behind the Stupa made out of wood. Chimney Rock is in the background.

There are lots of offerings scattered around.

Afterward, we walked around the center of Sedona and looked at some of the statues. I like this one of the rusty guy painting, and the little girl taking a picture of him.

And of course, Sacajawea, which reminded me of our Lewis and Clark circuit in 2010.

High five with the cowboy!

And we met Zeus, the cutest dog ever, in his "doggles."

The "Hairalinas" were also adorable.

As was this guy.

I love this area, and there is lots more to come!


  1. How fun!! Can't wait to see what is coming!! Barbara looks cute looking out her window with Katie!!

  2. I like the photo of Barbara and Katie. I guess I need to go back to Sedona. I missed the Stupa. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love Sedona, the weather just didn't cooperate this year so we had to pass on a visit. Enjoy your time there!

  4. Great post - what a fun day. :)


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