Monday, April 3, 2017

Hiking in Apache Junction

Before I left Apache Junction, AZ, I did a couple great hikes. I'm very close to the beautiful Superstition Mountains and Lost Dutchman State Park.

The first hike was the Treasure Loop in the state park.

It goes up fairly steeply to where you can look down on some of the boulders.

The sun was just coming up behind the mountain.

This is a very popular hike, and it gets quite crowded.

Coming back down, I saw that the poppies were out!

How does this bird keep his feet from being perforated?

On another day, I did a hike from First Water Rd, next to the state park, but not requiring the entrance fee.

The saguaros aren't blooming yet -

But some of the other cactus are.

Good night!


  1. NICE hiking land there and neat flowers too. I have seen everyone posting lots of photos of the poppies this yr has been great in the desert got plants and animals too I imagine. Probably due to our skin being so easy to penetrate, and the skin of especially a birds feet is much tougher, is why that curved bill thrasher didn't get stuck! I can't even get close to a cacti of any kind without getting a spine in me. I have prickly pear right here in my yard!

  2. Beautiful sunset picture! I love hiking the Superstition Mountains 😊

  3. We have enjoyed your blog for quite some time. If you look to your east this morning I believe we are camped adjacent. In a Sedona fifth wheel. Don't want to intrude on your privacy so say hi if you wish.


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