Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WIN Dance Rally

After I got back from visiting my father and my granddaughter (and her parents), I headed over to my favorite event of the year, the WIN Dance Rally.

We had dance lessons during the day, and dances at night. We had a formal dance -

And a Patriotic Dance -

Where we honored our many veterans.

We had 140 attendees, about 40 more than were expected, which made for some scrambling as far as food was concerned. (Hot breakfasts are served every day.)

Before the Patriotic Dance, we had a Talent/No Talent Show. I was definitely in the latter, but I participated with my new Baritone Ukulele.

There were various skits in the show, including an interview with Dr. Mal Practice.

But the best part of the Dance Rally? It was held at the Fountain of Youth Spa and RV Resort, north of Niland, CA.

The pools and hot tubs were great.

My favorite was the Mineral Hot Tub.

We're planning to have the Dance Rally here next year too, and you don't have to be a WIN to attend. And if you've never been to Fountain of Youth before, they'll give you a great deal.

We had great sunsets just about every evening -

And the Super Moon was out while we were there.

One day, we went on a rather strenuous hike on the Ladder Canyon Trail. After a mis-start, where we went up, then had to go down again, we did pretty well.

There are three ladders to go up.

A group photo on the way up.

We then continued up to the top-

And back down again.

We made it down to the wash, which was the way out.

Unique geological features along the way.

The whole loop is 5.3 miles, a little longer than I usually do, but it was worth it.

One more ladder down, and we were out. A great hike!


  1. My legs hurt just looking at your puctures. But beautiful. Great turn out.

  2. That was an amazing place! Loved every minute spent there.

  3. the dance and the hike look like a fun time...


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