Saturday, November 26, 2016

Another Post by my Granddaughter

Just 10 days after getting back from Ecuador, I went back East to visit my father and my granddaughter. I flew out of Phoenix and saw Roosevelt Lake from the air.

Ever since her first post when she was just a few hours old (here), my granddaughter has done posts on the blog. So the rest of this post is hers.

Hi! I don't get to see my grandma very often, but I knew we belonged together when she wore her Minnie Mouse shirt when she came to see me.

Grandma had gone to see Great-grandpa before she came to see me, but she forgot to take any pictures. (BAD GRANDMA!)

But Great-Grandpa was coming down to Great Falls, MD with his camera club, so we went over to meet up with him. Mommy took a picture of the 4 generations.

There used to be a boat ride through the locks here -

But the boat is undergoing a renovation.

There was even a big turtle down in the locks.

We walked over to see the Great Falls of the Potomac.

There wasn't very much fall color left, but the falls were very pretty.

I can't believe people actually kayak down them.

Daddy was trying to get a picture of me and Mommy, but I was posing for Grandma instead.

Halloween was coming up, so we went to a couple fall festivals while Grandma was here. I got to go horseback riding in my very-appropriate cowgirl costume.

Daddy taught me how to carve a pumpkin.

And FINALLY, Halloween was here! After the obligatory pictures in my cat costume-

It was off to go trick-or-treating! Nothing scared me, because I got candy from even the scariest people!

All too soon, it was time for Grandma to fly back to Phoenix, following the setting sun.

Come back soon, Grandma!

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  1. I see a budding future blogger, she shore knows how to show grandma up! :cD


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