Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 3 on the Galapagos Islands

Today, we had 2 excursions on Espanola Island, the southernmost island in the Galopagos. In the morning, we went to Gardner Bay, which has a beautiful white-sand beach where sea lions like to sun themselves. I decided to join them.

Awwww.... How cute!

The sea lions are very friendly, and not at all afraid of us. It's almost like they want to join in the conversation!

And the Galapagos Mockingbirds are REALLY friendly -

Especially when you get your water bottle out!

In the afternoon, we went on an excursion to Suarez Point. We started out at their lighthouse.

And then we went on a rather difficult 1 mile trail.

We saw LOTS of Marine Iguanas. During mating season in January, they are even more colorful.

Whatcha lookin' at, Lady?

We also got a close look at a Lava Lizard -

And lots more Sally Lightfoot Crabs -

And a heron I forgot the name of. They like to eat the crabs, and I don't think they'll go hungry...

We went by a blowhole, where water shoots 70 feet in the air.

But the main attraction here is the Waved Albatross. They have a wing span of 7-8 feet.

Even though it wasn't mating season, they were doing the Courtship Ritual. This short video is hysterical.

The adults take off from this cliff.

We even saw a cute little baby.

There are Boobies here too! Nazca Boobies this time.

Awww... This one has an egg!

Another great day in this most interesting place!


  1. It must be a fantastic experience just to be there and enjoy the wildlife.

  2. Fantastic is right. Especially the color of that crab!

    Does it seem "busy"? I mean with people?


  3. I did that cruise a couple years ago. It's ah-maze-ing! Enjoy your time soaking it all in.

  4. Very cool. I'd especially love to see an albatross. Maybe they were just practicing the mating ritual.

  5. A wondrous place!!! Thanks, Diana.

  6. Wow your bird list is growing in leaps and bounds!! Lucky Girl, love all these photos.

  7. Beautiful ... we didn't have Espanola on our itinerary, but we were there when the waved albatross were away, so it didn't matter much.


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