Thursday, March 10, 2016


After lighthouses and forts, state capitols are my 3rd favorite thing. Florida has a cute old capitol, shown here, but the new capitol is a skyscraper behind it.

We toured the old capitol, which has a beautiful stained glass dome.

The House of Representatives, with a painting of George Washington in the front.

The Governor's private office -

And next door, a really old typewriter.

Of course, they had a gift shop. This is not a political statement, but someday...

We also went to Mission San Luis, one of more than 100 missions established in Spanish Florida between 1560 and 1690.

Of course, this is a reconstruction, but still pretty impressive.

All throughout the park were appropriately-dressed reenactors.

There was a friary/kitchen -

Where the friar himself showed us around.

Out in back is a blacksmith forge.

And the reconstructed fort. Oooooh! A fort!

The original fort was burned by the Spanish and the Indians so the British could not get it.

The last thing we saw was the church.

Once Indians rendered obedience to the King of Spain and accepted Christianity, they were considered legal subjects of the Spanish Crown.

I was a little distracted by the ferns growing on the tree limbs - just beautiful!


  1. Great tour! We have been to Tallahassee at least five times for RV service, but have not seen these sights:(

  2. The stained glass is beautiful! That limb is completely covered in ferns! Yes strange how 22 other countries of the world (such as Brazil, Germany, Central African Republic, Denmark just to name a few) already have women leading them---and yet here in the USA, women are still being held back?


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