Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Key West - Here I Come!

Since I could only get one reservation at Key Largo, I left my rig back in Homestead, and I'm doing the Keys in Phil's rig.

It's a good thing, because camping in the Keys is extremely expensive, even divided in 2! We stayed at Boyd's campground - very close to Key West and very pricey.

Some pelicans were there to welcome us.

And this guy managed to work his way into Phil's rig through his slide. Yuck!

The first day, we took the Conch Tour Train to get an overview of things to see.

Some of the cars here are pretty unusual.

And there are a lot of shops - some of them pretty specialized.

Six-toed cats are famous here, but I'm not really sure how to read this sign.

US 1 begins here in Key West, and goes north for 2,369 miles to Maine at the Canadian border.

The Key West Cemetery is famous for some wacky epitaphs, such as "I told you I was sick" and "If you are reading this, you need a new hobby."

A cute chicken couple were strolling down the street. We had some in the campground too, but they were very polite and didn't start crowing until 8:45 am.

The dancing couple statue at the entrance to the Kew West Art Museum is based on a Renoir Painting.

Captain Tony's say they are the oldest bar in Florida. They certainly have interest ceiling decoration.

We walked by this guy and said "Hello" and he said "Hello" back. Everyone here is so nice, even the animals!

We were anxious to see sunset at Mallory Square on a night with good weather.

The cruise ships took off before sunset - a good thing or the crowd would have been much, much larger.

The color was spectacular as the sun reached the horizon.


And still we had some great color.

We stuck around to see some of the acts in the square. Phil got picked to help out in the pig act. I don't get it - every time anyone looks around to pick someone from the audience, they ALWAYS pick him!

There's a lot to see here - more posts to come.


  1. You're right, those are some extremely polite chickens. The ones here in Mexico are not nearly that courteous!

  2. We didn't even attempt to take the rig down. We found a motel that would take the girls and it wasn't too bad cause it was in November.

  3. Awesome! How many days do you think we should allow?

  4. EVERYTHING in the Keys is, restaurants, RV parks...but it's still an experience everyone should do.

  5. It is a real fun place but can be tough on the liver if you get into the Keys lifestyle:)

  6. Looks lovely and warm I see lots of shorts and flip flops...

  7. i love your blog. really makes my wheels wanna go go go. 2florida. especially love your humor , like about the polite chickens . thanks


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