Thursday, January 7, 2016

I Think I Found a Place I Could Settle Down!

The WINs moved next to a private property just outside of The Villages, FL. Several former WINs have settled here and showed us around. The Villages is a fairly new, planned, over-55 community, already up to 100,000 residents. And I think all of them have golf carts!

New homes are still being added every day.

One of the former WINs, Nancy, took us on a golf cart tour of the Christmas lights.

One house had a snow machine, so we couldn't resist the photo op.

We went on a free, no-arm-twisting trolley tour of the town.

And a very funny $2 boat ride on one of the lakes.

From the boat we saw a few of the 630 (!) golf holes in town.

The lake even has a lighthouse -

And some rusty stuff!

We ate several times at Cody's.

More rusty stuff!

And the grocery store even has a lighthouse! I'm ready to move here!

And the very best thing was that each of the 3 outdoor squares have free music every single night.

Here are 8 of us enjoying the ambiance. Why do I have the biggest drink?

We also visited nearby Lake Griffin State Park, where we did a short walk to a mammoth live oak tree.

Way too big to hug!

I liked the Resurrection Fern, which loves to grow on live oak trees.

Okay - it all sounds perfect. My only problem is that my kids and grandchildren are in Southern California and Northern Virginia. Too far away! Guess I'll have to keep looking...


  1. Well you could live there part of the year and travel to California by plane and Virginia by RV. See I have it all worked out for you.

  2. Looks like a little Disney town.

  3. We moved here in August and just love it. Our family lives in Northern Virginia, Pa, MD and Ohio. We do not have any problem with hopping in our motor home and going for visits. This is a very active community with some much to do for us "older" adults.

  4. Sounds like fun, but a bit too big for me, I think. But I am going to check it out before I leave the area.

  5. I'll just point out the hurricanes and summer humidity. :) Southern California doesn't have that. :P - Corrie

  6. All you have to do is tell the kids and grandkids what great discounts you'd get to Disney World as a Florida resident. Then they'll come. ;c)


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