Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Short Trip to Omaha

After Kansas City, Phil and I went off on our own for a short trip to Omaha. We stayed at Glenn Cunningham Park, where we had stayed a couple times before.

The reason we're here is so that we could make a day trip up to the SE corner of South Dakota. I needed to renew my drivers license, and Phil was becoming a new SD resident.

The only tourist thing we did in Omaha was go to Lauritzen Gardens.

They had 3 huge, fairly new greenhouses. It was very warm and humid inside them - even the tikis were sweating.

The outdoor gardens were also very nice.


But I thought the neatest thing in the gardens was a huge model railroad track.

It seemed to be made out of twigs and tree stumps, and went on forever.


  1. Love that railroad. We need to renew our driver's licenses also if we ever get out of here. Need to call and get an extension since we won't be there before mine expires.

  2. Those tulips are wow! Love the model railroad.

  3. No rusty stuff on that model railroad... :c(

  4. Would have loved to spend the day watching the model railroad.


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