Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lots of Stuff to See Here in Kansas!

Before the WINs joined me at Cheney State Park, I drove into Wichita to do laundry, and stumbled onto the greatest laundromat in the world. Carpeted, clean, TVs, playground for kids, and a billion machines.

When the WINs showed up, we went on several adventures. The first was the Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson.

They take you on an elevator 650' down in total darkness. We then went on a tram ride through walls of salt that stretch for miles.

The mine was carved out of ancient salt deposits formed 275 million years ago. We learned that we will never run out of salt. Even though this salt is mostly used on roads, it can be eaten. But they repeatedly told us not to lick the walls...

There was also a museum down there, with lots of rusty stuff.

Lots of garbage left over from many years ago.

Don't know why I found this so fascinating.

We also went to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson. There is tons of stuff to see here, including a replica of the space shuttle.

The museum basically tells the story of the race to space, from WWII to the present day. I don't usually like museums that much, but this one was great. They also have a planetarium and IMAX theater.

I especially had a good time playing with the infrared screen. Clearly, Phil is hotter than I am...

And we also went to the Dillon Nature Center, which was very nice.

I was totally distracted by these cute little Canada Geese, which had just left the nest.

Aren't they adorable? Too bad they grow up to be "rats with wings."


  1. Me too on the rats with wings. Don't we wish every laundromat was like that one. Lucky you! Glad you didn't get stuck working in the salt mines. Must have been rough work since it's become such a stock phrase. Those were some trashy miners.

  2. We saw one of those infrared screens somewhere and I was just fascinated. I found out that I was a hot head and Ron had a warm chest.

  3. Love the ducklings, Don't lick the walls...mmm I wonder how many people DO lick the walls?

  4. Maybe Phil got hot over you playing too much with the infrared machine??? :c)

  5. I have always enjoyed the Hutchinson space center, especially all the info on the 'V' rockets.

  6. Had to laugh. We can get excited about the simple things like a really cool laundromat. The babies are so cute. But they do grow up and become terribly obnoxious.

  7. Why can't all laundromats be that clean?
    Puts real meaning into the words "salt mine".

  8. Aaawww! Those goslings are just adorable.


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