Friday, May 1, 2015

Racing Through Colorado

From Moab, I moved over to Grand Junction, CO in order visit Colorado National Monument. I'd been here before, but it was nice to see it again.

The Coke Ovens from Artists Point.

This is the "Kissing Couple," although its hard to make out from this angle.

And this is Independence Monument.

I was in a hurry to get over the Rockies, because there was supposed to be a snow storm coming. I ended up going over the pass on US 50, and it was in great condition, although there was plenty of snow on the side of the road.

I scurried across the state line into Kansas and stayed at Lake Scott State Park, in a beautiful spot along the lake. Only problem was numerous "rats with wings." (AKA Canada Geese...)

"Well, what do you think? Should we poop all over her site to make up for that comment?"


  1. And they do have the big poop! Be safe.

  2. OH I feel some goose revenge coming on, Love that area sis lives nearby so Im planning to go myself this year in fact both my sisters have homes in CO now, I'm the hold out due to Mom...

  3. That first picture doesn't look like Colorado NM to me. I expect to recognize every view. :-D

  4. Farmers also hate the geese as they can graze out a field very quickly.


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