Thursday, December 4, 2014

Throwing Up Pumpkins

Well, I finally made it down the coast of California in time to celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween, with my daughter Corrie and her family. First came pumpkin carving.

Jonathan wanted a Frankenstein pumpkin. Since Corrie is a doctor and also likes to cross-stitch, she did the surgery.

The finished product.

Mara wanted a throwing-up pumpkin (with a moustache, of course.) That was pretty easy.

Then the big night arrived. Mara was a vampire cheerleader. Her outfit says "U ROT." Jonathan was Iron Man from the Avengers, and Coco the dog was a horse with a cowgirl on her back.

After Trick-or-Treating, we all went over to the other grandparents' house, where there was another throwing up pumpkin, along with pumpkin soup, and lots of other goodies.

Then it was time for some candy swapping. Since Jonathan has braces, he was negotiating to trade the stuff he couldn't eat for stuff he could.

Too much candy?

Their neighborhood gets so many trick-or-treaters that they just leave the door open. Cousin Katherine (aka Elsa) helped with the distribution.

And new this year, I have another grandchild, Asha, back in Virginia. She's six months old now.

Unfortunately, I couldn't be there, but son Mark, an excellent photographer, took these shots. I'm planning an East Coast trip next year, so maybe I'll be there next Halloween.


  1. Nice pumpkin carving! I like Halloween its so much fun.

  2. Here I thought I'd see pumpkins being thrown, not throwing up! :cO


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