Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hiking the Napali Coast

At the end of the road on the north side of Kauai is an 11-mile hike along the Napali Coast. I have wanted to do a piece of it for a very long time.

It's not without its risks, as the signs at the beginning warn you. But what's a few falling rocks, flash floods and hazardous cliffs?

The beginning of the trail is really rocky. I suspect they do this to discourage you. But I am determined!

After a while the trail becomes less rocky. A young couple felt sorry for us and gave us their hiking sticks. We hadn't noticed there were some lying at the beginning of the trail.

The part of the trail that we did was fairly wooded, but we still got some good views.

At the half-mile mark there is a great overlook, where you can see the rest of the Napali Coast. The trail we are on continues in and out along the cliff.

We went a little farther, but turned around when the trail started going back downhill.

We got a good view of Ke'e Beach where the road ends and the trail starts.

Back in the parking lot, we walked over to see one of the wet caves in the area.

Oooooo... Someone left me a drink!

Driving back along the north shore, we stopped at a couple of cute churches.

This one had a very old cemetery next to it which was interesting.

And then we stopped at the Kilauea Lighthouse, which unfortunately was closed that day.

That night we actually went out to eat!

And afterwards went to Kauai's Festival of Lights.

All of the Christmas decorations inside were made with recycled materials! These are from plastic bottles and tin cans.

And of course, this being Hawaii, there was a Spam tree!


  1. You guys had a great time I can tell by the wonderful photos!

  2. When we lived in Hawaii, I always wanted to get to Kauai, so I will enjoy all your pics. Yep Span is a big deal in Hawaii, many unusual flavors.

  3. That was a scary hike, but then you do like to live on the edge. Me? I'm a big chicken! ;c)

  4. Those signs might have deterred me but I'm glad you went. What gorgeous scenery. The coast line photos are just stunning. I really have to get there. Glad to see you got some hiking poles. Really cute churches. That seems an odd adjective for churches. I wonder if they are still in use. Bummer that you missed the lighthouse. That was a great picture too and so is the one of you two intrepid hikers.


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