Sunday, October 26, 2014

Walking to San Francisco

From the Marin Headlands, you get a great view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

So we figured - Hey, why not walk across the bridge!

It's a little confusing getting to the right parking lot. We parked at a lot on the west side, then walked under the bridge to this lot, which you can only enter coming north off the bridge. This is the only side you can walk on.

We reached the first tower and stopped to rest and take pictures. Don't worry, I'm not off the edge of the bridge - there is a kind of balcony at each tower.

But if I had the urge to jump, there is help available.

This looks like an old lighthouse, but I really don't know what it is...

It's neat to see the cables that are part of the suspension bridge.

We got a great view of San Francisco. You can see why it is so hilly.

And a pretty good view of Alcatraz, once considered an unescapable prison.

We also saw a tugboat towing a ship into the harbor.

We got about three-quarters of the way to the second tower and decided to turn around. With the sun behind us, the photos are better from here on.

In the middle of the bridge, you get a close-up look at the main part of the suspension.

It's interesting to see the mechanics of the whole thing.

It was a great walk! They're thinking about charging people for walking across, so hurry on over if you want to do it for free!


  1. Hey, that's pretty cool. I'd be up for it.

  2. We're going to be there in a week and a half. Hope they don't start charging before then!

  3. Grew up in Sacramento, and have walked it a few times. Sometimes you can see whales going under the bridge. Just think, when the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise use to go under it, it had to wait until low tide, and they still had to take some of the antenna shaft off of it! I think it is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, when you take everything into consideration, including the view.

  4. What a fun thing to do. Love your pictures.How far is it all the way across?

  5. That is way cool! I've driven over the bridge several times but never walked it.

    Hope you didn't find any rusty stuff on the bridge... ;c)

  6. Sherry, the total length of the bridges and approaches is 1.7 miles. Easy walking except for the bicycles trying to run you over.

  7. What a great idea!!Some awesome photos and so cool to see Alcatraz!! I used to live very close to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island, its the same type bridge and longer by 60 ft! I would never think to walk over it!! The UK has the longest suspension bridge in the world--

  8. Charging to walk across the bridge ... desperate times, I guess.


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