Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Cute Little Town of Ferndale

Phil and I met back up with the WINs in the cute little town of Ferndale, CA.

We all squeezed into a lot at the county fairgrounds.

The Victorian architecture in town is just amazing.

As is the old cemetery, built on a hillside in layers.

And speaking of cemeteries, there is a cow cemetery on the fairgrounds property.

But you had to be a real prize-winning cow to be buried here.

Our first activity was a tour of the Blue Ox Millworks in Eureka.

Owner Eric gave us a great tour. Blue Ox is a fully functioning Victorian job shop which produces custom millwork.

They are now in the process of building a copy of Abraham Lincoln's hearse. They use only very old equipment to do this.

And there is a real blue ox on the premises.

Along with lots of old and rusty stuff. Looks like this guy isn't going anywhere soon.

On another day, we took a very long drive along the coast, past Cape Mendocino. This looks like cow heaven to me.

From there, we went inland and drove the Avenue of the Giants, through all the gigantic redwood trees.

Karen wanted to drive through a tree, but when we found one, it was only big enough for the smallest cars, and no one with a kayak on top.


  1. Never heard of a cow cemetery before. That should be on Roadside America!

  2. That first building looks like it would make a great haunted house for Halloween.

  3. Nice town:) When I was a kid, we did not bury cows, most of the time we ate them.

  4. Wow, that cow produced a lot of butterfat and milk. It should have been name "Cholesterol King"! :cD


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