Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hellgate Canyon

Phil and I moved on to Merlin, OR next. Unfortunately, there was a big forest fire nearby, which made the air really smokey.

But we enjoyed watching the snorkel helicopters go back and forth to pick up water from the river.

We had come here primarily to go on a jetboat through Hellgate Canyon. Unfortunately, they were no longer running because of the low water level. So we drove along the canyon instead.

A little hard into see in the deepest area.

We did a short hike along the Rogue River on the way to Rainie Falls. It's a great trail, on the side of a steep hill.

Lots of eucalyptus trees along the way.

Beautiful scenery!

Then we came to an old support for a bridge built in 1919. We never did make it to the falls - we were feeling a tad lazy...

There were lots of rafts on the river. They get in here and go all the way to the ocean - a multi-day trip.

In spite of the smoke and lack of jet boats, it was a great stop.


  1. When we were in that area the Rogue was roaring and gorgeous. Of course, we were there in early Spring and it was cold and rainy. But the river was incredible.

  2. That's a bummer the boats couldn't run. At least you made the most of the time there.

    Great shot of that helo with the snorkel, another great idea in the fight against forest fires.

  3. hope it didn't disappoint you that the boats were not running...the canyon is beautiful.

  4. Looks like a pretty area. The Rogue River is one place I missed this summer when in OR. Will have to do it the next time around.

  5. Trees look very much like Madrona or Madrone trees.

  6. Thanks - I think you're right.


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