Monday, May 5, 2014

Hiking in Sedona and Visiting with Buddha

There are over 100 hikes to do around Sedona, and we've been doing a few of them. This one goes around Chimney Rock.

A giant lizard watches us closely to make sure we stay on the trail.

Close by is Amitabha Stupa, where a statue of Buddha rests below Chimney Rock.

The Amitabha Stupa is 36 feet high. Supposedly, if you walk around it 3 times, your wishes will come true.

Prayer flags hang all over the place -

And some of them are quite elaborate.

On another hike, we went to see Vultee Arch, at the end of a very rough road (Phil's favorite kind.)

There is a plaque explaining how the arch got its name. Jerry Vultee and his wife lost their lives when their airplane crashed here in 1938.

On another day, Phil and I hiked Marg's Draw. The weather wasn't so good, but I still got some good butt shots, my favorite.

To me, the very best hike of all is the Teacup Trail. Even the view from the trailhead is fantastic.


  1. Hi Diana, I thought for a moment that was someone's laundry drying in the
    You got great shots as always!

  2. Wow a hundred hikes. You're going to have to stay a long time to get to them all. Looks from the pictures like you've gotten a beautiful start although Buddha seems to have fallen over on his side. :-)

  3. If you walk around that Stupa six times, will your dreams come true twice as fast? ;c)

  4. Sorry about the sideways pictures - I have really slow internet and wasn't able to preview. And Paul, that's a great idea!

  5. So did you walk around it three times? I would have! :)

  6. A hundred hikes...sounds like heaven on earth! Great shots.

  7. Love the Buddha and prayer flags! Hahaha--butt shots are my favorite too!


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