Friday, May 16, 2014

A Change of Plans

From Sedona, we had planned to go to Page, AZ. But Hwy 89 south of Page has been closed for over a year due to a road collapse, and we had no idea. There is another way to get there, but it is not explained ahead of time. So by the time we got to the road closure, we were 20+ miles beyond the turn. So we gave up on Page, and kept going, stopping at this great spot 2 miles south of Marble Canyon.

The original bridge here was built in 1929, replacing the ferry at Lee's Ferry, 10 miles upstream. The new bridge was built in 1994, and the old bridge is now a pedestrian bridge.

Up at Lee's Ferry is where the Grand Canyon rafters take off.

I loved it! Lots of rusty stuff around where the ferry used to be.

An old paddlewheel steamboat sunk here 100 years ago. This is all the is left of it.

The view from the trail to see the sunken steamboat. Wow!

Hey - stop looking at the scenery and watch where you're stepping!

This picturesque old fort operated back when the ferry ran.

Nearby are several balanced rocks, formed when the softer lower layer of rock erodes away.

And now for the real attraction at the bridges. Since we were parked close to the bridge, we made several trips there to look for California Condors. The largest bird in North America - about 4 ft high standing - they are very rare. But they like to hang around the bridges. The first day, we saw #54, a 10-yr old male.

A few days later, we saw FOUR at one time! Considering there are only 200 in the wild, this was quite a coup. All the birds are supposed to have number tags and radio transmitters, but we saw one who had managed to not be tagged. I mentioned this to a ranger later and he said that was impossible. Hmmmmmm.....

Number J4, a 5-year old female, showing off her 9 1/2 ft wing span. These pictures were taken from quite a distance.

But 2 years ago, I saw one up-close-and-personal. WOW! To see more photos, and see why they are not afraid of humans, you can read that post here.


  1. I have never seen one in person. I luv the last pic...It looks like he is all wrapped up in a fuzzy cloak.

  2. Such magnificent creatures. I saw 2 soaring at the Grand Canyon - what a sight. Glad they are making a comeback.

  3. Beautiful birds and a privilege to see them. New to me as I thought condors were only found in South America.

  4. We saw the condors at the Grand Canyon but no where near ad closely as you did. I'd forgotten there were still so few.

  5. Take 89 to 89T u will get to page
    Old maps show 20 but the state changed that after the land slide it's paved all the way now
    See note on AZDOT web site

  6. Sometimes detours turn into great adventures, just like yours. Four Condors at once! I've never even seen one (except on your blog). ;c)

  7. Yes Ed, but the problem is they don't tell you that 89 is closed until you are 27 miles past the turn off to 89T.

  8. Awesome shots of the are right no tag! Confusing that they didn't have some signage about the detour!

  9. That is a great spot and you know how much I love condors.

  10. Finally got caught up from the very first post! Now I can stay up to date! Thanks again for adding the email subscription form. That really helps!

  11. Wow, John, you deserve some kind of prize! That's quite an accomplishment.


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