Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wildlife Galore!

After Yellowstone, we moved on to Grand Teton NP, just to the south. The WINs stayed at Gros Ventre Campground (pronounced Grow Vont.) Just before we got to the campground, a big herd of buffalo was crossing the road.

And a mother and baby moose were getting a drink in the river. WOW!

But wait, that's not all. Almost every morning there were moose in the campground. They totally ignored the 50 or so photographers.

This guy looked fairly young.

Don't worry - I'm a big believer in zooming and cropping.

I did get him to pose for me.

I think he was here because of this mama with cute little twins. But she tried to stay away from him.

The twins munching on yummy berries.

One of the twins wanted a sniff of the male's butt.

One evening we went on a guided wildlife tour. A ranger led 10 cars, 6 of which were ours.

We got to see moose, pronghorn, and a large herd of buffalo. This baby appeared much younger than the others, and we were all worried that he wouldn't survive the winter.

A buffalo dust bath.

The End!


  1. Great moose pictures. Zoom and crop - the only way.

  2. Super animal shots Diana, those people are taking a big risk getting that close to a bull moose that way. Hope that little calf makes it...So cute!!

  3. Wow, great photos. How lucky are you to see so many beautiful wild animals in one place. I'd love that! :)

  4. Amazing those moose are so unafraid of people, no matter how close they get. Good thing the moose are mild mannered! :cO

  5. Great animal pictures. I can never get the right balance with those dark animals and light backgrounds.

  6. Gros Ventre is one of my very favorite campgrounds but I've never been there in "moose season". Putting this on my calendar. Thanks!!

  7. Surprised that male was so calm, moose are usually pretty skittish of people, that's weird.


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