Thursday, September 26, 2013

Racing West Through Twin Falls

From Grand Teton to Reno, NV is a long trip, but that's where I'm meeting up with my sister, Barbara, and we will be heading down Hwy 395, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Our first stop is Twin Falls, ID. We came into town crossing the Perrine Bridge, where base jumpers jump off the bridge with a parachute and attempt to land on a target next to the Snake River below. Unfortunately, no crazy people were there.

The view downstream from the bridge is amazing - that has to be the most beautiful golf course ever!

The view upstream is not too shabby either.

To celebrate Twin Falls, there is a fairly new statue of twins.

The big attraction here is Shoshone Falls.

It usually costs $$ to get into the park, but since there was practically no water flowing, entrance was free.

It was still very pretty. We definitely got our money's worth.

Nearby is a pile of dirt that has a unique history.

This is the ramp that Evel Knievel used when he attempted to jump over the Snake River Canyon back in September 1974. It didn't work, because his parachute accidentally deployed at takeoff, and he landed 600 feet below.

There are still lots of rusty old beer cans left on the ground from that event.

NO, PHIL, NO!!!! Evel didn't make it, and you won't either!

After I got Phil to STOP, we headed on to Reno, where we not only met up with sister Barbara and "brother-in-law" Ron, but also Sandie and Jim, fellow blogger friends. We had dinner at the Black Bear Diner, which was so good we went back for breakfast the next day!


  1. Oh man - the picture of Phil headed for the jump is priceless. But I'm sure glad you got him stopped and we got to have dinner with you guys. Enjoy your trip down 395.

  2. I remember being in Twin Falls - there were jumpers when I was there, but they were getting ready. It takes tooo long, and I didn't wait for them to jump. The bridge, ravine below, and the golf course were really neat. Your photos brought back nice memories for me. :)

  3. Hi Diana,
    Have really enjoyed reading your informative posts the last couple of months. You guys might have fun at the Genoa Candy Dance that's happening right down the road from you this weekend.

  4. awesome photos Diana, Ive never seen that Bridge, Bucket List I reckon!!! Enjoy your trip along the Sierra's!

  5. No crazy people on the bridge? What about ya'll??? :cD

  6. Hi Diana.... Just came across your blog and am heading into Twin Falls today for my first visit. I'm a new full-timer traveling solo with my standard Poodle and two cats. Love any words of wisdom I may find in your blog. You can check me out at:
    Butterflies and Heart Songs

  7. What do you mean you wouldn't let him jump. He would have made it. Him and that suzuki can do anything.

  8. When I was working in the PNW the Black Bear Diners were always a good choice for good food.

  9. Great statue of the twins, they look like they're emerging from the ground itself to check out those views!

  10. Nice pictures. I don't know how I ran across you. ?! I got to paddle underneath this bridge this summer in my inflatable kayak - & I DID get lucky! Bunches of basejumpers chose the same day. Pretty cool watching from below. I'm full-timing now, too, though basing a little North of here in the Wood River Valley this summer, where my daughter & grandson live. I'll be on the road again soon. Maybe our paths will cross in the desert this winter. Safe travels! Mary Ann Wuebker

  11. I was at Shoshoni Falls the Sunday before you and had to pay the $3 entry fee. It's a beautiful place. I'd love to see it when the water is flowing.


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