Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Old Faithful and Neighbors

Old Faithful is certainly the most famous geyser in Yellowstone, but there is lots more to see in Upper Geyser Basin, where Old Faithful is located. Old Faithful Inn is a good place to investigate while waiting for Old Faithful's eruption.

Old Faithful is the most predictable geographical feature on Earth erupting every 90 minutes or so.

As with Grand Prismatic Spring, it's probably better to see later in the day when the weather is warmer and there is less steam. This video was taken about 9:30 am, and there was a lot of steam.

But there is more to see! Crossing the Firehole River brings you to a lot more of the geothermal features.

We were on our way out to see another geyser that was supposed to be erupting soon, but Grotto Geyser was already erupting!

Wow - Grotto Geyser erupts fairly often, but is not predictable.

And there's another one! I don't even know what this one is.

But this is our goal - Riverside Geyser, right along the Firehole River. We were a little late, but fortunately, so was the geyser. It erupts every 5 1/2 to 7 hours, and to a height of 75 feet for about a half hour.

I loved the way the water rained out of the steam.

A little farther on the boardwalk brings you to one of the highlights of the basin - Morning Glory Pool.

We were admiring Chromatic Pool, when -

Whoa - there goes that Old Faithful again!

Heart Spring - very romantic...

I think this was my favorite - Doublet Pool.

I just loved the scalloped edge!

And back around the loop to yet another eruption of Old Faithful. This one is from a better angle, with the Inn in the background.

I really enjoyed doing a more thorough tour of the geyser basin than I had in past visits. There's a lot to see!


  1. What a great time you had in Yellowstone. Some day we've gotto go there.

  2. Super! When I was there I did see other Geysers but I was so excited I didn't figure out which ones I was seeing! Its like watching fireworks!

  3. Yellowstone is such a beautiful place. But we haven't been there for years. Maybe next year.

  4. I guess geysers are no good for roasting marshmallows? You'd get a soggy s'more... ;c)

  5. You really lucked out with all the eruptions. Great shots!

  6. Heh. Diana, the one you didn't know the name of is Grotto Fountain. Jan and I studied Grotto Geyser when we were volunteers for the Park Geologist. We developed a math formula for predicting the next eruption time based on the duration of the present eruption. Those were fun times.


  7. Oh, and our Sig Pic was taken on the roof of The Old Faithful Inn. The Bellhops take a couple people with them up onto the roof to take down the flags just before Sunset.



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