Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spearfish Canyon and Deadwood

Spearfish Canyon, south of Spearfish, SD is home to some gorgeous waterfalls. The prettiest one, Roughlock Falls, is down a 1-mile trail.

The trail was a little muddy in places -

But the end of the trail was definitely worth it.

We also attempted to hike to Spearfish Falls.

But the bridge on the trail has been washed out. Why couldn't they tell us that before we went all the way down the hill??

But wait a minute! All is not lost. There's some really neat rusty stuff down here!

We then drove over to Deadwood. This is the historic site of Saloon Number 10, where Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed in 1876, while playing poker, holding the now famous "Dead Man's Hand" of Aces and Eights.

We went up to the cemetery to see his grave, and that of his friend, Calamity Jane.

Another odd thing we found in the Black Hills in the town of Keystone - did Paul and Marti have to go back to work???

They had some beautiful chainsaw carvings there, even some you could climb on.

Wait - I think I found the real carver - he must be a child genious!

(More info on the real carvers, apparently this little guy's father and uncle, and pictures of their creations, are here)


  1. YEAH to the waterfall hike love that! Really enjoyed seeing that saloon in Deadwood! Chainsaw are is really cool!!

  2. So the little guy is in training? I love chain saw art.

  3. Diana, one of the best bike rides evah is the 16mi from Dumont down the mountain to Deadwood. I can't recommend it enough. The local Taxi services have bike racks on the back and will drag you and your bike sup to Dumont and dump you on the Mickelson Trail for the ride down.


  4. Neat place - beautiful water. And yes, why wasn't there a sign that the bridge was out??? Would have been nice.

    Can you imagine carving something like that with a chainsaw? People are amazing!

  5. Oh no! You found out the secret of the funding source for our RV travels!

    Hope you bought something to support us... ;c)

  6. whoa that is some cool chainsaw art! cute little fellow doing the carving too!

  7. That tyke with the chainsaw is adorable. Don't know what is cuter, the over-large ear protection or his rubber boots!

  8. I really loved your pic of Roughlock Falls.


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