Thursday, June 6, 2013

Indianapolis Zoo

Yay! I'm on my way back to the West! I met up with Phil in Indianapolis, and we spent a couple days there seeing the sights. The Indianapolis Zoo was supposed to be good, so off we went.

It's just the right size, and it has some unusual exhibits. I love to take pictures of the animals, even though that's kind of cheating...

They had a great dolphin show, and I happened to capture the highlight in a short movie.

And there were lots of other aquatic exibits, including this green moray eel.

Oh look - I found Nemo!

There was even a shark petting pool, if you were crazy enough to do that.

The elephants had a nice pool, and one took a long swim.

It must be nice to have your own built-in snorkel!

The sea lions will do anything to get fed.

Now, this was different - a whole building filled to the brim with parakeets that the kids could feed.

There was a giraffe feeding -

That reminded me of the time I got to feed giraffes at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, back in 2006.

There was also a good butterfly house.

Hey, guy, this is supposed to be a G-rated zoo!!!

The End!


  1. I guess you wouldn't be too "Handy" after petting those sharks...

    Nice pictures, amazing diversity of animals and insects. Never saw butterflies in a zoo before. Or sharks.

    Clever, indeed! :c)

  2. I've heard good things about their zoo. Makes you want to join the elephant in the pool - looks really refreshing.

  3. That's a great picture with the giraffes.

  4. I'm from Indianapolis, so I know all about the zoo. I used to take kids on field trips there when I taught there....

    Another great place is the Children's Museum - adults enjoy it too! :-)

  5. What a wonderful zoo... I always love your photos!

  6. I really like the 'Nemo' picture. That's so nice they give the elephants a pool. Usually they're stuck in a dust bowl.

  7. Indianapolis was our home town before we started full-timing. I agree that they really did a nice job when they built the new zoo. The downtown land was at one time a blighted area next to the river. Now it is a very interesting place. Thanks for taking us back home.

  8. Great zoo experience. We had a nice experience in the free-flight parakeet aviary in Montgomery, Alabama ... such beautiful birds. That meerkat needs to get a room ;-)


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