Sunday, March 10, 2013

On Vacation from my Vacation

Pretty sad, huh? But I'm off on another exciting trip. Unfortunately, I have to fly, because they haven't built that bridge yet... We took off from Phoenix -

And headed west over LA.

Soon the land disappeared, and we were over water for 5 hours.

Finally! An island appears!

Phil, sister Barbara, Ron, and I are doing a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands. I hope that's not our ship...

Ahhhh--there it is! (The one in the front...)

The arrow is pointing to my room.

A guy with a big finger shows us where to go.

WOW! Do I look happy or what???

And we're off! Stay tuned - lots of exciting adventures to come.


  1. Gee - standing between two hunks in Hawaii? Definitely a happy look. LOL Have a wonderful time.

  2. i laugh at that man with the big finger. goodluck on your cruise

  3. Aloha Hawaii - what an adventure. Enjoy!

  4. I guess that first ship is for a low budget cruise?

    How cool, a cruise around Hawaii!!! :c)

  5. Enjoy yourself! Looking forward to seeing some island pictures!

  6. Thanks for inviting us along ... looking forward to reading all about your Hawaiian cruise ... be careful not to cut yourself on any coral.

  7. Have a wonderful cruise! Our daughter Robyn spent several months on that ship performing with Second City a couple of years ago.

  8. I was just thinking of calling Uncle Phil to see what he's been up to! Happy travels to you all.

  9. I just love your smile in that group picture. Other than that picture, I managed to not repeat any.


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